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IMPERFECTLY PERFECT 18k Pickleball Paddle

IMPERFECTLY PERFECT 18k Pickleball Paddle

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📅 Drop Date: February 15, 2024

Perfect Play, Imperfect Print

Have a pickleball friend who's been losing a few too many games? 😬 Get them a paddle that gives them an excuse AND a much needed extra boost in their game. 😮‍💨

Be THAT Friend

    Each paddle includes a cheeky "It's not me, it's the paddle" sticker. While these paddles play perfectly, the graphics were printed imperfectly. But your friend can still blame the paddle even if it's just the graphic design that is defective right?! 

    Snag a thermoformed 3D 18k carbon fiber paddle for just $86! Yes, you read that right – cutting-edge pickleball tech at an unbelievably low price. Roast your friend while patting yourself on the back knowing you got an unreal deal. 

    Why are we offering these paddles at such an amazing price?

    While these are the same Edgeless 18k paddles we normally sell and they play exactly the same, the graphic design was printed slightly off-center. Due to an unfortunate printer mishap, we decided to give these paddles out as an unbeatable bargain. 

    Not just a win for your wallet, but also a win for the planet – preventing perfectly good paddles from going to the landfill due to a minor design blip.

    Don't miss this deal. Once they’re gone, they are gone. Score an amazing deal and some eco points while you're at it. And a heads up: though it’s a perfect gift for that friend, you might just want to keep it for yourself. 

    Distinguish yourself with a unique 3D 18K carbon fiber face and thermoformed body.

    Court Pickleball's Edgeless 18k stands out as simply superior in performance, aesthetics, and value.

    "3D 18k carbon fiber" might just sound like technical jargon, but it's your key to gaining a major advantage in your pickleball game. Our paddle surface is crafted with carbon fibers woven from three different directions.

    Other high-end paddles, with their one-way weave, often struggle to grip the ball for effective spin unless hit just right. Unlike other paddles, our three-way design grips the ball perfectly, no matter the angle of your hit. You won't believe how much spin you've been missing out on until you've tried our paddle.

    The "18k" refers to the weave density of the carbon fibers, much like a higher thread count in luxurious bed linens. A higher density in a paddle's weave? A more rigid, stable structure that gives you more power and spin.


    Q: Does the graphic misalignment affect the paddle's durability or performance?
    A: Absolutely not! The misalignment is purely cosmetic and has no impact on the durability or performance of the paddle. You're getting the same high-quality, Edgeless 18k Paddle designed for optimal play.

    Q: What's the return policy for these paddles?
    A: We stand by our products! If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it under our normal return policy. Whether it’s the design quirk that's not to your liking or any other reason, we’ve got you covered.

    Q: How many of these misprinted paddles are available?
    A: Stock is extremely limited – we only have 20 misprinted paddles available for this sale. It’s a rare opportunity, so grab yours before they're all gone!

    Q: Why isn't the Lunar New Year Sale applying to this paddle?
    A: We've already lowered the price for these paddles as much as we could! The IMPERFECTLY PERFECT 18k Paddle is excluded from the LNY Sale.

    Q: Who will love this paddle?
    A: Value-seekers eager for the latest top-tier pickleball tech at a great price. Fans of Diadem's Edge 18k surface but want a clean edgeless design. Players desiring a high-performance paddle without loud, overbearing graphic designs.


    3D 18k T700 Carbon Fiber: Innovative triaixial weave carbon fiber technology on the paddle surface. What does this mean for you? The grippiest surface texture you've ever felt. You'll be spinning the ball like a pro immediately.

    Thermoformed: Hot press molded foam-injected paddle technology for the extra power and larger sweet spot that the pickleball world has been drooling over. It's hard to go back once you've tried thermoformed. Trust us, a thermoformed paddle is what you've been looking for.

    Edgeless: Ever miss your shot because the ball hit your edgeguard? Say no more. We got rid of the pesky edgeguard interfering with your shots.

    Elongated Shape: Extend your reach and hit every ball that comes your way with an elongated paddle shape and handle. The extended handle also allows for two-handed shots.

    Round Grip: Frustrated at your square-shaped grip on your old paddle? You're not alone. Most people prefer the round grip on our paddle.


    Paddle Dimensions: 16.22" L x 7.36" W

    Handle Length: 5.5"

    Grip Circumference 4.25"

    Weight: 7.8 - 8.2 oz

    Core Thickness: 16mm


    Surface: 3D 18k T700 Carbon Fiber

    Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb

    Grip: Condensed Foam

    Grip Band: Silicone

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    Edgeless 18k Paddle vs others

    Edgeless 18k Paddle ($130)

    Diadem™ Edge 18K Power Pro ($240)

    Classic Pickleball Paddle ($86)

    Carbon Fiber Surface

    3D 18k Weave Texture

    Thermoformed Unibody

    Extended Handle

    Sleek Edgeless Design

    Beautiful Graphics

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